Nicolas Hug

Hi, I’m Nicolas! I just got a PhD in Machine Learning from IRIT lab. I currently live in France but I’m very flexible and mobile, willing to work abroad.

I’m also the main developer of Surprise, an open source Python library for building recommender systems.

While my educational background is that of a software engineer, my research work as a PhD student allows me to be also well-versed in machine learning (and of course data science), on both theoretical and practical aspects. I have developed a solid mathematical background (statistics, linear algebra, optimization…) over the years.

I am highly proficient in Python and C, and very familiar with Python’s scientific tools (Scikit-learn, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib) and with Cython (for optimization).

I developed (and now maintain) Surprise, a Python library to build and analyze recommender systems. This project has been the opportunity to combine my theoretical understanding of machine learning and my programming skills into a complete, useful and easy-to-use software, which I believe showcases my range of skills.

The goal of my PhD was to study the empirical behaviour of analogical classifiers (somewhat related to k-NN classifiers) and to exhibit some of their theoretical properties. My supervisors were Henri Prade, Gilles Richard, and Mathieu Serrurier. Two of my main publications so far are:

During my free time, you may find me rock climbing or hiking, lost somewhere in the Pyrénées (French mountains)… I always enjoy any kind of outdoor activity, which is quite fortunate given one of my other passions: food!

If you want to know more about me, please check out my Resume!

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