Nicolas Hug

Hi, I’m Nicolas!

I’m currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Data Science Institute at Columbia University in New York. My work is mainly focused on contributing to the scikit-learn library.

I developed (and now maintain) Surprise, a Python library to build and analyze recommender systems.

I got my PhD in Machine Learning from IRIT lab in Toulouse, France. The goal of my PhD was to study the empirical behaviour of analogical classifiers (somewhat related to k-NN classifiers) and to exhibit some of their theoretical properties. My supervisors were Henri Prade, Gilles Richard, and Mathieu Serrurier. Two of my main publications so far are:

During my free time, you may find me rock climbing or hiking, lost somewhere in the Pyrénées (French mountains)… I always enjoy any kind of outdoor activity, which is quite fortunate given one of my other passions: food!

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